Upskilling staff to become mental well-being coaches

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Tracey Hall came from a background in primary school teaching before she started as an Early Years Lecturer at SRC in 2006.   In 2015, she was appointed as a Teaching and Learning Advisor where she contributed to the Quality Assurance processes, supported teaching and learning, observed staff, delivered training, and worked with awarding bodies.  She was appointed as the School Partnership Coordinator in 2017 and worked with schools to deliver the Entitlement Framework by increasing the curriculum offering, supporting teaching and learning, as well as developing relationships with external stakeholders.


Andrew Porterfield has been working in the field of English language teaching for 20 years and has taught extensively in private language schools, colleges, schools, prisons and online in Korea, Taiwan and the UK.  He currently oversees the successful delivery of the SRC's ESOL programmes across all six campuses.  In addition to this, he has also coordinated and developed learning materials for several EU funded projects with focuses on language learning, cultural diversity, well-being and social inclusion.  Currently he is working on and creating print and digital content for two Erasmus+ projects: The Well Project and the BRIDGES Project.  He also writes and edits learning materials for several global education publishers.

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Train-the-Trainer: Course Materials

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Train-the-Trainer Testimonials

“I am grateful to have participated in this course. I think the speakers have been engaging and very interesting to hear.”

“Listening to the final presentations has given me ideas on how I can look at delivering the course in different ways using different methods and techniques”

“I really enjoyed the course, It provided me with information on mental health and well being and also gave me good ideas about techniques I could use in my teaching of the topic.”

“I enjoyed having different speakers and different trainers. I also liked having a clear plan of what i was doing everyday and class materials sent to me in advance. It was well organised.”

“A very informative and relevant course.”

“It was great to have the opportunity to ask questions and to meet other participants and speak to them. The virtual approach of the course was really interactive in terms of engaging with the tutors and other participants. Thank you very much, I enjoyed being a participant on this course.”

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