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Promoting mental health & well-being for the move to HE

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Dr. Colletta Dalikeni is lecturer and researcher on the Social Care Programme at Dundalk Institute of Technology.   Her research and teaching interests have a bias towards culturally competent social work practice with various ethnic minority categories such as immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees.  Some of her current work is focussed on creating safe spaces and conducive conditions for addressing race-based issues in both social work practice and education through asking difficult questions about Racism. Her other current preoccupations involves collaborating on Erasmus Plus funded EU projects that are also aimed at social inclusion and integration at national and EU levels. 


Andrew Porterfield has been working in the field of education for over 20 years and has taught extensively in private language schools, colleges, schools, prisons and online in Korea, Taiwan and the UK.  He currently oversees the successful delivery of the SRC's ESOL programmes across all six campuses.  In addition to this, he has also coordinated and developed learning materials for several EU funded projects with focuses on language learning, cultural diversity, well-being and social inclusion.  Currently he is working on and creating print and digital content for two Erasmus+ projects: The Well Project and the BRIDGES Project.  He also writes and edits learning materials for several global education publishers.

Transitioning To HE: Interactive Lessons

Transitioning To HE: Course 

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Two bespoke, fully-accredited Level 2 units were designed and created in partnership between SRC and OCN NI to support leaners not only learn about mental health and well-being but to also gain a recognised qualification.  For more information, click on the links below.

Transitioning To HE: Handbook

Transitioning To HE: Lesson Plans

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