The Project

The Well Project is a Erasmus+ KA2 funded project that promotes mental well-being for students moving to higher education.

Southern Regional College, the lead partner, secured €193,793.00 funding from the Erasmus+ Programme for the two-year partnership project.

Over the lifetime of the project, partner colleges from Northern Ireland, Spain and the Republic of Ireland worked together to improve develop, design and enhance resources available for students who are progressing to HE.

The project had three intellectual outputs:

  • Transitioning to HE

    • The course promotes positive mental health and well-being by exploring the key issues faced by many students moving to HE. It also showcases a series of short films where students, from each of the partner countries, share their experiences. The course was piloted with 60 students across Europe and has since been embedded within the curriculum of the project partner's colleges.

  • Train-the-Trainer

    • The course trains staff to become mental well-being coaches. It uses innovative pedagogical approaches, coaching methods and materials to support students in their move to HE. The course was piloted with 20 staff from across Europe.

  • Survival Toolkit

    • A toolkit to help students develop resilience and coping skills as they prepare to make the move HE at college or university,. It includes tips, hacks, case studies and practical advice to help students overcome stress, anxiety and other barriers which may prevent them fully integrating into HE life.

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